This assignment is designed to help you better understand the affects technology has on your every day life.You are to bring in an article about something new in Technology.This article should be an item that is being developed now or something that has just come out.Some examples of new technologies are compact disc players, digital cameras, experimental cars,cloning, new materials, and new ways to recycle, conserve or create energy, etc.

These articles can come from:
Newspapers : (Newsday. Daily News, New York Times etc.)
(Popular Science, Popular Mechanics, Science magazines, National Geographic)
Advertisements (Products, Advertisements) 


1) Find an Article
2) Read the article and underline the important facts
Try to understand the article, so you can discuss it in class
4) Cut the article out and bring it in to class
5) Tell us the name of the article and its source
6) Tell the class a little about the article.


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