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                                  TECHNOLOGY CURRENT EVENTS

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You are to bring in an article about a new technology. These are events that have occurred within the last month. Remember technology is people changing the world around them to make life more; comfortable, more efficient, safer or more enjoyable. Please do not bring in articles that deal with science, social events, political happenings, fashion-related or advertisements.


Some examples of current technologies are:

Medicine                                  Space exploration

New energy uses                      New treatments

New drugs                                New aviation designs

Inventions                                New construction materials

New equipment                       Innovative car designs

New farming methods             Solar, wind, water, geothermal power


These articles can come from virtually any reputable media source.
Some examples of where to check for information are:

Newsday: Discovery Section (Tuesday) or Business Section (Wednesday)
New York Times: Science Times Section (Wednesday)
magazines such as:

Popular Science                                  National Geographic

Popular Mechanics                             World Magazine

Computer Magazines                          Science Magazines

Home Improvement Magazines          Automotive Magazines



1. Find the article.
2. Read the article,
underline or highlight the important parts.
3. Make sure you understand the article so we can discuss it intelligently in class.
4. On the lines below write at least 5 important sentences about the article.

You must bring in the article cut out or bring in a photocopy of the article with its assignment sheet.


Name of Article__________________________________________

Source_____________________________ date of the event

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