What to do for extra credit:

(ideas from Stephen Tchudi)

light bulb                           radio                     refrigerator                       tractor                                                                 medicine

telephone     ipod                        automobile             typewriter               computer

digital photography          television          printing press            airplane                                 boats

*Where did it come from?  Read the history of various devices and inventions.

 Write a report, including:

*What was the inventor like?

*What would life be like without the technology?


*Write a short story describing a life without one or several devices.

Or a science fiction story projecting the technology into the future, exaggerating the consequences.

 *Choose an invention you like and learn how it works. Plan an oral demonstration.

*Describe a time capsule to be opened by students in 25 years. Include descriptions and notes, of what you would include and why?.

*Do some historical research into new technologies in one of the decades of the 20th Century

*Make a search of the cleaning cabinet around your home—the place where cleaning supplies are kept.

*From a list of famous scientists, read up on one of them and do some writing about the person's life..