·       1,000,000 B.C. Fire and the development of early stone tools

·       17,000 B.C.  Domestication of animals

·       12,000 B.C.  Early oil lamps that burned fish and animal oil

·       10,000 B.C. Yeast for leavening bread


                 AGRICULTURAL ERA

·          8000 B.C. Agriculture in the Fertile Crescent

·          6500 B.c. Houses built from mud‑bricks, dugout canoes

·          6000 B.C.Pottery

·          3500 B.C .Writing (cuneiform and hieroglyphics)

                               BRONZE AGE

·          3000 B.C. Tools made from metal; development of the wheel; wine made from pressed grapes

·          1900 B.C. Plowing with animals

·          1500 B.C. Grinding of grain, glassmaking

                                     IRON AGE

·          1200 B.C. Smelting of iron, development of the Greek alphabet

·          700 B.C.Irrigation and sewage in Rome

·          221 B.C. Construction of the Great \XAII of China

·          144 B.C. First high‑level aqueduct in Rome, use of cement

·          100 B.C Water wheels

·          410 A.D. Sack of Rome by Visigoths

·          500 A.D. Sailing ships that could travel with and against the wind

·          55O A.D. Babylonian Talmud written

·          650 A.D. Writing of the Koran

·          750 A.D. Arabs learn papermaking from Chinese prisoners

·          765 A.D. School of medicine founded in Baghdad

·          1024 A.D. Chinese use first paper currency

·          1200 A.D. Windmills

·          1281 A.D. Chinese use gunpowder in war against Mongols

·          1400‑1600 A.D.  Age of exploration and discovery, Balboa, Cabot Columbus, de Gama, deLeon, Hudson, Magellan

·          145O A.D. Gutenberg invents movable type

·          1560 A.D. Water-pumping machine

·          1600 A.D. Magnetism discovered by William Gilbert

·          1610 A.D. Galileo's telescope

·          1619 A.D. First slaves brought to North America by British

·          1628 A.D. Circulation of the blood discovered by William Harvey

·          1700 A.D. Newton's Laws

·          1712 A.D. Newcomen's steam engine

·          1721 A.D. Bach completes Brandenburg concertos

·          1724 A.D. Farenheit thermometer invented

·          1752 A.D. Benjamin Franklin proves lightning is electricity



·          1760‑1840 A.D. Industrial Revolution in Britain

·          1769 A.D. James Watt's steam engine

·          1770 A.D. Hargreaves's spinning jenny patented

·          1776 A.D.U.S. Declaration of Independence

·          1780 A.D.The lathe

·          1784 A.D. Wrought‑iron process by Henry Cort

·          1785 A.D. Cartwright's loom

·          1789 A.D. French Revolution

·          1789 A.D. La\/oisier's theory of chemical combustion published

·          1793 A.D. Eli Whitneys cotton gin

·          1798 A.D. Eli Whitney’s factory aim‑produces firearms

·          1804 A.D. Jacquard's loom

·          1807 A.D. Britain abolishes &w slave trade, Robert Fulton's steamboat

·          1808 A.D. Slave trade ends in &w United States

·          1811 A.D. Luddites smash knitting machines in Britain

·          1812 A.D. Napoleon invades Russia

·          1816 A.D. Regular transatlantic sailing service begins between New York and Liverpool, England,

·          1822 A.D. First textile mill in United States, in Massachusetts

·          1829 A.D. The steam locomotive

·          1835 A.D. Bessemer process for making steel

·          1839 A.D. Photography invented

·          1843 A.D. Morse begins telegraph line between Baltimore, Md. and Washington, D.C.

·          1861‑1865 A.D. Civil War in the United States

·          1863 A.D. Emancipation Proclamation


·          1864 A.D. George Washington Carver born, he discovered over 300 uses for the peanut.

                 He also founded the Tuskegee Institute

·          1876 A.D. Alexander Graham Bell invents the telephone

·          1885 A.D. Carl 13enz, in Germany, first successful gasoline‑driven motorcar

·          1887 A.D. Daimler's internal combustion engine automobile

·          1888 A.D. First Kodak hand‑held camera

·          1893 A.D. Diesel engine invented BV Dr. Rudolf Diesel

·          1900 A.D. EverReady flashlight invented, paper clip patented; incubator patented by

·                          Granville T Woods

·          1901 A.D. Marconi sends first transatlantic radio signals, spinal anesthesia developed

·                           in France

·          1902 A.D. Rayon patented

·          1903 A.D. \X/right brothers' airplane

·          1905 A.D. Albert Einstein proposes his theory of relativity

·          1906 A.D. Freeze‑drying invented in France; hot dog gets its name from a cartoon of a

·                          dachshund in a bun

·          1908 A.D. Model T Ford built by mass production

·          1909 A.D. Beginning of the age of plastics, Bakelite patented

·          1910 A.D. Cellophane invented

·          1911 A.D. Rutherford proposes his theory of atomic structure

·          1912 A.D. Sinking of the Titanic ‑ 1,5 13 people die, first heart attack diagnosed in a

·                           living patient

·          1914 A.D. Panama Canal opens, bacteria used to treat sewage, outbreak of World War I

·          1915 A.D. SONAR invented

·         1918 A.D.   Red, green, and yellow traffic lights in New York

·         1919 A.D. First transatlantic flight ‑ Newfbundiand to Ireland

·        1920 A.D. First U.S. commercial broadcasting station ‑ KDKA from        Pittsburgh goes on the air

·        1921 A.D. Flybrid com greatly improm crop yields, Band‑Aids invented, first lie detector, first cultured pearls

·       1923 A.D. Automatic traffic light patented by Garrett A. Morgan

·       1924 A.D.First round‑&ie‑world flight Kleenex tissues

·       1925 A.D. First successful experiments with hydroponics

·       1926 A.D. First television demonstration; pop‑up toaster

·       1927 A.D.The theory of negative feedback developed

·       1928 A.D. Penicillin invented by Alexander Fleming, Rice Krispies  marketed by     Kellogg cereal company, Scotch Tape produced by 3M  company

·       1929 A.D.    Electroencephalograph (EEG), foam rubber

·       1930 A.D. Packaged frozen foods go on sale in Massachusetts

·       1931 A.D. First regular TV broadcasts (station W6XAO in California): Empire State Building in New York City

·       1934 A.ID.The electron microscope

·       1935 A.D. Radar developed, Nylon patented, B‑ 17 bomber produced by Boeing

·       1936 A.DVitamin pills; Polaroid sunglasses

·       1938 A.D.The ball‑point pen is patented

·       1939 A.v. Outbreak of \Xbrid \Xlar 11, DDT produced, firstjet aircraft flies in Germany, Pan Am begins first regular commercial transatlantic flights

·       1940 A.D. Freeze‑drying used to preserve fbods in United States

·       1942 A.D.LORAN developed, first color snapshots

·       1944 A.D. First automatic digital computer, dv Mark 1; DNA isolated at the Rockefeller Institute

·       1945 A.D. Atom bomb used on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, ENIAC computer built using 18,000 vacuum tubes

·       1946 A.D.Timex watches

·       1947 A.D. Microwave oven, first Honda motorcycle, development of &w transistor at Bell Laboratories

·       1948 A.D.Polaroid camera; LP records, Won

·       1950 A.D. Power steering, start of regular color TV broadcasts; first credit card (Diners Club)

·       1952 A.D. Salk polio vaccine, first sex‑change operation ‑Christine Jorgensen, Sorry pocket transistor radio, 3‑D movies

·       1953 A.D. First successful open heart surgery, supersonicjet aircraft built by Pratt and Whitney Dacron developed in Britain; breeder reactor in Idaho, double helix model the structure of DNA proposed

·       1954 A.D. Nuclear‑powered submarine "Nautilus",' numerical control machining,photocell developed

·       1955.D. \Ielcro fasteners patented, birth‑control pills; nuclear‑powered electricity generation; fiber optics; domestic freezers, multitrack recording

·       1956 A.D. FORTRAN computer language, hydrogen bomb exploded, first videotape recorder, first desktop computer (Burroughs E‑ 10 1)



·       1957 A.D. Sputnik, Sabin oral polio vaccine, high‑speed dental drill, mercury batteries SONAR invented



·       1958 A.D. First integrated circuit made by Texas Instruments, bifocal contact lenses, first U.S. satellite

·       1959 A.D. Pilkington float glass process perfected, Sony produces first transistorized TV,Russia sends unmanned spacecraft to the moon (Luna 2), Xerox copier

·       1960 A.D. Lasers, light‑emitting diodes (LEDs); weather satellites, fieft‑tip pens

·       1962 A.D. 7V signals sent across the Atlantic via satellite, world's first industrial robot produced by Unimation Corporation, Tang orangejuice

·       1963 A.D. John F. Kennedy assassinated, cassette tapes, Instamatic cameras, the tranquilizer \Ialium produced, Artificial heart used during surgery

·       1964 A.D. China tests nuclear bomb, IBM word processors, photochromic eyeglasses that change in response to the amount of sunlight

·       1965 A.D. First space walk~ Super 8 cameras, reports link cigarette smoking to cancer

·       1966 A.D. Flashcubes, electronic fuel injection, Russians make successful soft landing                                      on the moon (Luna 9)

·       1967 A.9). Christiaan Barnard perfbm‑6 first heart transplant energy‑absorbing buffwrs,                                                                    Frisbees

·       1969 A.D. American manned moon landing; first Concorde SST flight

·       1970 A.D. Russians land moon robot (Lunokhod); floppy disksjumbojets

·       1971 A.D. Microprocessor developed by Intel; Mariner 9 orbits Mars

·       1972 A.D. CAT scan, photography from satellites (Landsat), videodiscs

·       1973 A.D. Genetic engineering; Skylab orbiting space station launched, supermarket  optical price scanning, Selectric self~‑correcting typewriter, push‑through                                                  tabs on cans

·       1974 A.D. Toronto Communications lbwer (tallest building in the world) opens

·       1975 A.D. liquid crystal displays, video games, disposable razors, cloning of a rabbit Americans and Russians dock in space

·       1976 A.D. Birth of the Apple computer, electronic cameras

·       1977 A.D. Space shuttle, trans‑Alaska pipeline system completed, neutron bomb developed

·       1978 A.[). First test‑tube baby bom; programmable washing machines; computerized chess, auto‑fbcus cameras

·       1979 A.D. Skylab, the orbiting space station, falls back to earth

·       1980 A.D.Solar‑powered aircraft

·       1981 A.D. Silicon 32‑bit chip, nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) scanner, first launch of a reusable space vehicle (the space shuttle Columbia)

·       1982 A.D.Artificial heart

·       1983 A.D. Biopol (biodegradable plastic), carbon‑fiber aircraft wing, 5 12K dynamic access memory chip

·       1984 A.D. Compact disk player, genetically engineered blood‑dotting factor, megabit computer chip

·       1985 A.D. CD‑ROM (compact‑disk read‑only memory), image digitizer, soft bifocal contact lens

·       1986 A.D. Uranus moons'photographs; DNA fingerprinting; diminished ozone shield

·       1987 A.1). High‑temperature superconductivity confirmed

·       1988 A.D.Patented animal life

·       1990 A.D. NASA'S Hubble Space Telescope deployed by space shuttle Discovery